Behind the scenes - Hotel lifestyle video production in Punta Cana for Barceló Hotel Group

-Client: SSSIT and  Barceló Hotel Group

-Directed by: Jerónimo Forradellas/ Eggmotion

-Production by: Sintje Mortier/ Eggmotion

-Filmed by: Jerónimo Forradellas and Art Sanchez

-Still photography by: Philippe Degroote

-Cast: Isabela Alba, Andrés López, Rhay Trujillo, Massiel Andújar, Raúl Zúcar and Mario Pérez

-Model agency: Salazar Otero

-Make up and styling by: Ana Mayrata and Cris Cañellas/ Anamay

-Editing by: Jerónimo Forradellas/ Eggmotion

-Color grading by: Art Sanchez



Quicklapse technique- Huge media coverage!

Apperance on TV news - IB3 TV interview