Art Sanchez is a Mallorca based photographer and filmmaker specializing in Architecture, Interiors and Hospitaity projects.

A native of Barcelona, Art studied arts and photography.

Despite of his young age, Art has shot +3000 properties for +40 real estate agencies in the Balearic Islands in the past.

After this, with this experience in his back, Art decided to specialize in architecture and interior design photography and video projects.

Right now, Art is one of the pioneers of the architecture and interior design cinematography and in 2015 his project "Son Brull" shot in 8K was featured in more than 50 recongized blogs worldwide.

Art uses both natural and artificial light where appropriate to artistically capture indoor and outdoor spaces. Every single image is meticulously crafted with expert attention to detail. 



Barcelo Hotels/SSIT    Francisco Mangado 

Hilton Hotels              Dani Rubio Arauna

A10 Hotels                 Rai Pinto

Minimal Studio           Sarbosar Hotel

More Design              Pure Salt Luxury Hotels

Loewe                       A10 Arquitectos

Brondo Hotel            Vincci Hoteles

Espais Dos_M            Hoteles Santos

Son Brull Hotel          Bliss Hospitality Group

Trends Home             Seramar Hotels

Jaume Sanchez          Balearic Project

Mar Hotels Jorge Bibiloni

Ramon Construccions Mallorca Heritage

Brunet Arquitectes Palia Hotels

Beverly Hotels Gb Development

Grupo Boulevard Corpo Films

Pollentia Properties Abc Mallorca

Zafiro Hotels

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